Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lloydminster - Saskatoon & Yorkton!

Day three of our Conga saw us leaving Lloydminster but not before a wee press conference with the local NewCap TV station, a newspaper and a radio station. We were running late but still made time to go for a ride with Tami & Grayson - we stopped at the Honda Powerhouse and the Edge H-D shop - guess who just bought that shop - just weeks ago...Clint Rabb from the Cecil Hotel!

Stacey - L and Tami - R
Stacey - L and Tami - R
Lloydminster Honda Powerhouse
Lloydminster Honda Powerhouse
The Edge Harley-Davidson - Lloydminster
The Edge Harley-Davidson - Lloydminster

Finally at 11am we began the trek to Saskatoon to meet with Preacher and the gang from the Saskatchewan Lone Wolves. Wires got crossed as to what time we'd be there so we missed the lunch at the Casino but we still got to meet 90% of the gang - in all 14 riders came out to meet hubby and I, we discussed F.I.R.R.E. and I am proud to report that it looks like we will end up with one and perhaps 2 F.I.R.R.E. chapters in Saskatchewan!

Members of the Saskatchewan Lone Wolves
Members of the Saskatchewan Lone Wolves
Oh - and one more that didn't fit in the first picture (He was trying to hide and got routed!)
After a couple of very productive and enjoyable hours with the SK Lone Wolves some of them rode with us for a while, made sure we got out of town safely and off we headed towards Yorkton.
Lorna stayed with us until we got to a little service station in the middle of nowhere that had great food and of all the people who should walk in to the place - it was Al Maccinis from Slave Lake - just heading home from Sturgis!

After parting company with everyone - Mark and I headed for Yorkton - we got in at about 8 pm and I will tell you she was starting to get pretty chilly. We pulled in to the Comfort Inn on Dracup Ave. It is located very conveniently across the street from a Tim Hortons and most of the conveniences one could hope to need are in the region within walking distance.
Motorcycles park in front of the doors
Motorcycles park in front of the doors where an eye can be kept on them

The hotel is getting a face lift on the out side with new parging being done.
When we checked in, the young gal behind the counter made sure we knew where the laundry and pool/fitness area were. (Sadly the hot tub wasn't working but I didn't find that out until I was in the water.)

We got a luggage carrier and took all the gear off of our bikes and were told we could park them right in front of the hotel tight against the wall  - out room had a view of our bikes...

No water or cloths to wash our bikes down with but everyhting else was very hospitable.
The Pool and Hot Tub area
The Pool and Hot Tub area - there is also a gym room for those who choose to avail themselves.

The room itself was well appointed with a King bed - and while comfortable - the beds here were not as plush and comfy as the ones in Lloydminster - I slept very well though...
One really nice touch was the night light in the bathroom. I don't know about you but I find it hard to find my way around in the dark in strange places so I generally sleep with the bathroom light on and the door three quarters closed - the night light made for a much better sleep.
Electrical outlets were really handy to get to. Made charging up all of the electronics a breeze!

So far the Choice Hotels has a really good customer service rating from me.

If you find yourself in the Yorkton area and needing a hotel - check out the Comfort Inn & Suites:

22 Dracup Avenue
Yorkton, SK S3N 3W1
(306) 783-0333

Travel distance today was 655 KM!

Talk to you all tomorrow from Kenora...Were we meet with the gang from the 10th Anniversary Ride for Dad Cross Canada Run!

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