Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Brandon to Saskatoon - August 16th

We left Brandon in the driving rain and by the time we got in to Regina we were like a pair of drowned rats. We pulled in to the Husky Truck Stop and got fuel for the bikes and our bodies and sure enough they had dryers there for the truckers. A quick question to one of the gals on the counter and yes - we could use them!  So, bellies full, bikes full and dry clothes we headed out again.

We got in to Saskatoon at about 6 pm - we had a tough time finding the hotel because the signage wasn't as good as it was in most places...but, at last we pulled in...3 degrees with a 30 KM per hour wind - but at least no more rain.

Cold was the word of the day...I went to the lobby to get a couple of cups of coffee, the gal behind the desk had to make some fresh stuff cause the post was cold but when it was ready it was like the nectar of the gods - it sure helped to begin the thaw.

We called the Saskatchewan Lone Wolves and they met us - Nettie, Preacher's wife had her car and we bailed in while the rest road over to Tony Roma's.

After a great feed of ribs and onion loaf and some fabulous conversation, there were two real tired but now warmed up riders who needed their beds.  The rain was just starting to spit...

When we got up in the morning and took one look outside and knew with work only a couple of days away that we had some hard decisions to make. It was -3, the rain that had fallen the night before was now ice on the seats of our bikes...and the wind - it hadn't let up, in fact it was howling at 35 KM per hour now.